Manage your ESG reporting, program performance
and risks with the right-sized solution

Leverage a powerful and easy-to-use platform that adapts to your business reality and grows with your ESG needs

Trusted by brands that you trust!

Successfully collect error free data across your entire value chain

Put your data collection and collation needs on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what matters most – your sustainability strategy, goals, and initiatives.

Report across multiple
global standards

Fulfill your audit requirements and report as per multiple global standards (GRI, CDP, DJSI, SASB, UNGP, SDG amongst others).

Mitigate sustainability
risks across your value chain

Minimize irregularities through automated aberration flagging and regular quality checks.

How it works

Primary data collection

3rd party integrations

Data quality checks

Sustainability Performance Tracking & Insights

Sustainability Reporting

Multi-Stakeholder Dashboards

Goodera offerings

Used globally by corporations and foundations, Goodera simplifies CSR and Impact Assessment by automating processes, managing data, and facilitating coordination with internal teams, non-profits, and volunteers.

Stakeholder Identification, Risk and Materiality Assessment
Reporting Standard Selection, KPI Identification, SOP Development
Goal & Target Setting
Data collection and collation, trend monitoring
Reporting & Dashboards
ESG Initiatives

Stakeholder Identification, Risk and Materiality Assessment

  • The path towards sustainability reporting begins with identifying the relevant topics to monitor, manage and disclose. Goodera’s advisors can assess your industry-related and company-specific risks, and identify and engage with internal and external stakeholders on your behalf, combining their requirements with sector-specific issues, to arrive at your organisation's materiality map. This exercise will then be repeated periodically, to keep your reporting practice and sustainability strategy up-to-date with evolving realities.
  • Through our extensive experience delivering this exercise for companies who are new to sustainability, we have devised our own stakeholder management strategy that we highly recommend.
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    • Materiality assessment
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Stakeholder identification and management

Solutions for your sustainability journey

CEO Dashboards
Sustainability Reporting
Diversity & Inclusion Management
Environment, Energy and
Emissions Management
Supply Chain Sustainability
Investor Corner
Variance & Forecasting
SDG Goal Tracking
Sustainability & ESG
Performance Management
CEO Dashboards
Sustainability & ESG Performance Management
Environment, Energy and Emissions Management
Sustainability Reporting
Diversity & Inclusion Management
Supply Chain Sustainability
Sustainability Awards
Investor Corner
Variance & Forecasting
SDG Goal Tracking

Platform features

Dynamic Dashboards

Notifications & Alerts

Integrated Data Validations

Monitor data set completeness

Standard and custom reports

Custom and efficient data collection workflows

Multi-Level Data Collection

Audit Logs

Data Insights

SSO Integration

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